Committees & Charters

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To learn more about a Director, click on the individual's name in the chart. To obtain a copy of a Committee charter, click on the Committee name in the chart.
Chair   Chair Committee Member   Member Audit Committee Financial Expert   Audit Committee Financial Expert
Chairman of the Board Chairman of the Board
 Audit CommitteeCompensation CommitteeNominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Independent Directors
Kelly A. Ayotte   Committee Member Committee Member
Bruce W. Duncan   Chair Committee Member
Karen E. Dykstra Audit Committee Financial Expert Committee Member   
Carol B. Einiger   Committee Member  
Diane J. Hoskins    Committee Member
Joel I. Klein  Chairman of the Board    
Matthew J. Lustig    Chair
David A. Twardock Audit Committee Financial Expert Chair Committee Member  
William H. Walton, III  Committee Member